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P. Suresha


P. Suresha has a win-win formula for India’s forests – give local communities the resources they need to reduce their dependence on Protected Areas and have them help implement such initiatives. His LPG programme in the villages around Bandipur has helped reduce human-wildlife conflict in and around the park. Courtesy: Namma Sangha.

Month Year: December 2011

Wildlife Service Award

Grassroots activist and committed wildlifer

Chief Administrative Officer of Namma Sangha for the last seven years, P. Suresha has spent the last decade working for wildlife. As a student, he met the famous wildlifers Krupakar B.S. and Senani Hegde who had been kidnapped by Veerappan, and quickly fell under their spell. For some years he worked with them in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, interacting with local communities to understand and help resolve issues with the Karnataka Forest Department. This formed the basis of his work at Namma Sangha. He also spent four years working with the Nature Conservation Foundation where he further cemented his resolve to work for the welfare of local communities, while enlisting their help to protect wildlife. His work at Namma Sangha has significantly improved the relationship of people with the park next to which they live.

For this we honour him.

First published in: Sanctuary Asia, Vol XXXI No. 6, December 2011.


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