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Rita Banerji – No Set Ways

Sitting alone with a camera for hours, in the middle of a wild grassy patch atop a little knoll, filming hundreds of Amur Falcons taking turns to fly in amazing formation above you, and landing on the wires.... nothing can take away the peace, the silence, the magic of that moment.

Dr. Vidya Athreya – Changing Perspectives, Finding Pride

When I started working in 2004, my own ideas of where wild animals should be and what they should be doing were very different from what I went on to discover. My idea of what was ‘conflict’ has since changed; simple livestock loss is not conflict as it is part of overall damage that farmers incur, and is often miniscule compared to other problems such as disease and theft. As wildlife biologists, we focus only…

Nature’s Business: Quieting The Cleverness

From the Galapagos to the Amazon, Biomimicry Communicator Anjan Prakash travels the world to be inspired by Nature’s designs. In this 10-part column, Nature’s Business, she shares her adventures and learnings.

Sanctuary Asia Editor's Response To The Rebuttal Of The October 2016 Cover Story 'Treacherous Links'

The article by Nicole Benjamin Fink, a highly-regarded researcher, who has worked with various cultures and conservation challenges for the past 16 years, has evoked a response

Tomorrow’s Environmental Stewards

Effecting ecological sanity and a gentler world is only possible by sensitising the next generation to nature, opines Miel Sahgal.

I, Primate

Miel Sahgal shares thoughts for teachers and parents on the role of outdoors in raising the human child.

Little Primates

Miel Sahgal reflects on the role of teachers and parents in raising the next generation.

How Can We Manage A Resource We Don't Understand?

When John Rowell moved to India in 2012, he had a limited understanding of ‘water problems’. A chance encounter with a member of the Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences led him on a six month journey to better understand our most precious resource.

Sentient Beings Or Shooting Targets?

Wildlife-human conflict is a major issue in rural India, with nilgai, wild boar, and even gaur being declared as vermin in various states. Nimesh Ved ponders whether the culling of ‘problem’ wild species is an effective solution.

All Woman, All Wild

Writer-conservationist Neha Sinha on how she was shamed for being a woman in the forests, and why it’s time that men need to come to terms with women making a mark in the field of wildlife conservation.

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