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The Others – Blame, Accountability And Action In Conservation

It is not just the number of humans that is causing havoc on Planet Earth, but our lifestyle choices, says Swati Thiyagarajan.

War Against Nature

September 21 is celebrated each year as the International Day of Peace. Cara Tejpal writes poignantly of a moment in her life when she realized her life’s purpose was to be a voice for nature… to convince humanity of the futility of waging war against our planet.

Nature Answers Man: Those Who Argue We Can Manage The Planet’s Ecosystems Are Flirting With Danger. The Underlying Science Doesn’t Lie

By Harvey Locke

In June of this year, a massive rainstorm hammered the vast limestone basins of the Front Ranges of the Canadian Rockies. The dynamic combination of warm rainfall and last winter’s lingering snowpack unleashed a torrent of water that coursed through the Bow River watershed, wiping out bridges in its path before smashing and drowning a portion of the mountain resort town of Canmore…

Nature Needs Half: A Necessary And Hopeful New Agenda For Protected Areas

By Harvey Locke


Conservation targets should be based on what is necessary to protect nature in all its expressions. When in 1988 the Brundtland report called for tripling the world’s protected area estate (which was then at 3 to 4 per cent of the land area) there was a strong belief that sustainable development would ensure the proper care for nature on the rest of the unprotected…

Man And Nature

G. PattabiramanBittu Sahgal discusses the importance, to nature and to people, of setting aside untouched "temple forests."

I Miss Mahatma Gandhi

As each Independence Day rolls by, Bittu Sahgal asks what Mahatma Gandhi would think of India's race to colonise future generations' natural inheritance.

The Mesopotamian Marshes: A Case Study of the Need for Local, National, Regional, and International Action

Stars reflected in dark water, the croaking of frogs, canoes coming home at evening, peace and continuity, the stillness of a world that never knew an engine…

Massive Victory for Dolphins and Their Protectors

The MoEF’s decision to ban dolphins in captivity is a massive victory for wildlife lovers, animal rights activists and environmental groups who have been campaigning against a number of projects that were in the pipeline in different parts of India. According to the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests, “If an oceanarium is finally set up in Miramar, as ambitiously thought of but not pursued vigorously by…

Nuclear Weapons Leave Trail Of Human Rights Abuse

September 21, 2012: Dear Colleagues, – September 13, 2012 was an historic day at the United Nations and in the Marshall Islands. On this day the Human Rights Council considered for the first time the environmental and human rights impacts resulting from the radioactive and toxic substances in nuclear fallout.

Why Kudankulam Is Untenable

November 12, 2011: As the local people determinedly continue to resist the commissioning of the Kudankulam reactors, the statements of the nuclear establishment have acquired a desperate edge. The chief of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) claimed that a “foreign hand” was behind the protests.

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