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Acknowledging The Importance Of Nature And Tribal Cultural And Religious Traditions

January 30, 2011: The natural world and ourselves – One of the defects of the printed word has been the changing of human perception of the natural world from a cyclic to a linear phenomenon, in fact too much printed information has removed us from the experience of meaning to the understanding of words which are supposed to create ideas related to meaning.…

Reflections On The Jaipur Literature Festival

January 20, 2011: Incest is a reality but perhaps all civilizations have been wary of it. Jaipur Literature Festival that began as ‘civil society’ initiative in 2006 has developed into a DSC Limited sponsored festival of literature for the last five years.

Talkers Or Doers, It Helps Staying Grounded

December 9, 2010: Ultimately the system decides if it will allow one to be part of it, but it cannot really stop one from trying to reform it.

Saving Tigers In St Petersburg?

December 5, 2010: Even as governments, conservationists, scientists, economists converged in St Petersburg for a Global Tiger Summit last week in an ambitious plan to ‘reverse the decline and double tiger numbers’; on the ground, the  star of the show-the tiger was otherwise engaged,  in a particularly embittered battle.

The Making Of ‘The Wild Meat Trail’

December 2010: Tai set down his backpack of cane and bamboo at the base of the tree. Barefoot, he clasped the trunk with his arms and legs and climbed up to about nine metres high. Swiftly he slid across a thick horizontal branch and extracted a dead red-bellied squirrel out of the hand-made trap he had set two days earlier.

Nature Needs Half

December 2010: We have one life, you got to do what you should.
One life, with each other… sisters, brothers.  
One life, but we’re not the same, we got to carry each other, carry each other.
(One, U2, 1992)

My Husband And Other Animals — The Endangered Scrub Jungle

November 19, 2010: I often wonder what the forests around Chengalpet looked like before they were cut down to make way for agriculture centuries ago. When we first moved here, botanists from Auroville drew up an inventory of the trees and plants found in the adjacent forest.

A Power Statement We Should Be Ashamed Of

November 17, 2010: Ramesh Must Review Sending Elephants To Turkmenistan; We Must Rethink Why So Many Animals And Birds Locked Up In Zoos.


The 2010 vision statement of the Central Zoo Authority says that zoos “will have healthy animals in eco-system based naturalistic enclosures, supportive to in-situ conservation with competent and…

Will The Tiger Fall Prey To The Mining Lobby?

October 26, 2010: The tiger’s most unfortunate truth — besides the fact that man wants to make a meal of its bones — is that the ground beneath its feet is rich with minerals, and greed has cast its eye on it. Millions of hectares of ‘tigerland’ have been diverted for mining and the demand to open up more escalates. The latest horror story is from Rajasthan.

Animal Rights, Human Wrongs" – Why We Need To Change The Language Of Wildlife Conservation

October 21, 2010: Take away a name and you reduce a personality to a statistic. The seven elephants killed by a train and the Jhurjhura tigress hit by a vehicle are not just erased numbers. These are incalculable losses of demonstrably sentient creatures. Their killings are unacceptable. Every one impoverishes mankind.

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