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A Power Statement We Should Be Ashamed Of

November 17, 2010: Ramesh Must Review Sending Elephants To Turkmenistan; We Must Rethink Why So Many Animals And Birds Locked Up In Zoos.


The 2010 vision statement of the Central Zoo Authority says that zoos “will have healthy animals in eco-system based naturalistic enclosures, supportive to in-situ conservation with competent and…

Will The Tiger Fall Prey To The Mining Lobby?

October 26, 2010: The tiger’s most unfortunate truth — besides the fact that man wants to make a meal of its bones — is that the ground beneath its feet is rich with minerals, and greed has cast its eye on it. Millions of hectares of ‘tigerland’ have been diverted for mining and the demand to open up more escalates. The latest horror story is from Rajasthan.

Animal Rights, Human Wrongs" – Why We Need To Change The Language Of Wildlife Conservation

October 21, 2010: Take away a name and you reduce a personality to a statistic. The seven elephants killed by a train and the Jhurjhura tigress hit by a vehicle are not just erased numbers. These are incalculable losses of demonstrably sentient creatures. Their killings are unacceptable. Every one impoverishes mankind.

The Black And The Green

October 2010: “Sir, I’m really interested in doing something for the environment. What do you suggest I do?”


I get asked this all the time, most often by law college undergraduates. It puzzles me. What makes these young men and women so passionate about ‘wanting to do something’?

Sierra Club India Environment Post: Leadership On Fossil Fuels Better To Burn Out Or Fade Away?

October 11, 2010: This past weekend civil society members from around the world descended on Washington D.C. for the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings. With the memory of the Eskom Medupi battle fresh in the minds of many, and the World Bank energy strategy review well underway, the meetings were a chance for civil society to forcefully advocate for the Bank to phase out lending for fossil…

Jairam Ramesh On Environment And Development

September 28, 2010: Jairam Ramesh Minister of State (Independent Charge), Environment and Forests, Government of India, is a clear thinking human being. One might differ with him on this issue or that, but almost everyone would agree that his his head and heart are in synch.


September 16, 2010: India was once an entirely forested land and sacred trees like the Peepul and Banyan figure prominently in the early water colour paintings of the Company period and in fact embellish them with the character of the culture of sacred places in India such as Varanasi, Calcutta, etc. and such paintings may be seen in large canvases in the Victoria memorial.

Corbett: Tiger Tourism Or Tiger Trauma?

June 2010: “The phalanx of resorts on the eastern boundary of the park interrupts the once continuous corridor used by elephants, tigers and other wild animals to access the Kosi river and the forests of the Ramnagar Division. Very few resorts have an acceptably low ecological footprint.

How Can People Be So Heartless?

I do not understand how people can treat animals with no respect, and even mistreat them, when we are animals as well. I have three cats and a dog (all of them either shelter animals or we found them on the street) and I know they have incredibly strong feelings, much to many people’s disbelief. I love animals because I have had pets all my life, and I love wildlife in general mainly because of all…

Science The Scapegoat: The Curious Case Of The Extinction Of Tigers In Panna

December 2009: Way back in 2002, Uttara Mendiratta remembers being enthralled by the sight of two tiger cubs playing in the Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. A few years after that encounter, as a senior researcher with the Wildlife Protection Society of India, she was investigating tiger poaching on the basis of several reports that Panna was experiencing a high level of organised…

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