Saurabh Sawant's Eyeview of the Animal Kingdom

Unique wide angles and perspectives define conservation photographer Saurabh Sawant’s images that showcase animals in their true, pristine habitats. His talent, knowledge and passion for protecting these very habitats recently won him the prestigious Carl Zeiss Conservation Award. Every image in this gallery is a masterpiece. Take a look.

Dwarfed Tusker

Elephants, despite being the largest animals to walk on land, can look really tiny in the vast lands that they roam. These voracious feeders move over long distances through corridors comprising forests, terai grasslands and rivers. This image shot in the Corbett Tiger Reserve gives a sense of scale of the vast grasslands on the edges of forests and rivers.

The elephant was framed at the bottom right corner to show its habitat, enhance the mood and perspective of the image. Image taken with a Canon EOS 400D & Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 USM III at 75mm.

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