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Butterflies Of Buxa

A sprawling, rich wilderness in the state of West Bengal, the Buxa Tiger Reserve sweeps across more than 700 sq. km. of eight forest types ranging from sal, riverine, and evergreen, to dry-mixed glades that host uncounted species of plants and animals. While this was once a famous …

Landscapes Of Hope

Baiju PatilA palette of vistas from across Asia showcase diverse ecosystems that underscore the truth that the value of landscapes far exceeds their aesthetic appeal.

Wonderful Woodpeckers

Debapratim SahaMother Nature has designed woodpeckers with speed and strength in mind! These awesome birds can peck as fast as 20 times per second, and in all, clock between 8,000 and 12,000 pecks per day. What other design tricks did Mother Nature include…


Purva Variyar delved into the world of biological photography to showcase nature’s marvels up-close.

Rush Hour At Khichan

Using both a regular and fish-eye lens, Yashpal Rathore captures the bustling arrival and departure of thousands of migrating Demoiselle Cranes as they pit-stop at Khichan to refuel for their gruelling journey ahead.

Seas Of Life

Digant DesaiINTO THE LIGHT: Hundreds of glistening saltwater forage fish known as anchovies, or Ikanpuri by locals in Indonesia, come together in perfect synchrony against a piercing sunburst in a phenomenon known as a ‘bait ball’.

When Art Takes Wing

With delicate strokes and bold splashes of colour, professional artist and amateur naturalist Sangeetha Kadur captures the exquisiteness of birds.

Nine Wildlife Photographers To Follow

Tasneem Khan

This selection of splendid wildlife frames confirms that women are shaking India’s conservation photography world.

Wild Pench!

Gaurav ShirodkarIndia’s wildlife is unparalleled. Especially in Mowgli’s land! The wilderness jewel featured on these pages lies only a couple of hours from Nagpur. Known as the Pench Tiger Reserve, it rightfully boasts of a wide diversity of flora…

Armed And Dangerous... Naturally

Bishan MonnappaVenom. Poison. Toxin. Words often interchanged, used inconsistently and with much ambiguity. Though the underlying structure and disposition of poisons and venoms is common, they differ in the manner they are delivered. An animal or…

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