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Wild Sex

Digant DesaiThere are two dominant urges that determine the survival of life on Earth… hunger and sex. An amalgamation of these two powerful compulsions influences natural selection and, therefore, the evolution of both external and internal…

Monsoon Moods From Coochbehar, West Bengal, By Ripan Biswas

Ripan BiswasCoochbehar in the far east of India in the state of West Bengal is a small, beautiful town bounded by Assam in the east, Jalpaiguri to the north and the Indo-Bangladesh border from the south as well as the west. Coochbehar boasts of nice, pleasant…

A Sneak-Peek Into The Life Of A Desert Fox

Nayan KhanolkarAce photographer Nayan Khanolkar introduces Sanctuary readers to a desert fox family from the Tal Chhapar Sanctuary in Rajasthan through a marvelous photo spread, embellished by valuable insights from field biologists…

Wildlife and Conservation Photographer T.N.A. Perumal’s World

T.N.A. PerumalT.N.A. Perumal, wildlife photographer extraordinaire and a true legend, treats every image as an art form. He believes the play of light produces effects that make the image. Aesthetics of an image need to be respected. He takes the…

Young Shutterbugs

Pramod SamantThis photo feature showcases five young photographers, who are lighting up the conservation and wildlife photography arena in India.

Avian Encounters

Raj DhageBirds are believed to have begun evolving in the Jurassic Period. Categorised as Aves, these living descendants of the dinosaurs have been gifted with remarkable physical assets, virtually all geared for survival through the mastery of the skies.

Awesome Africa – The Annual Wildebeest Migration

Aditya SinghAditya Singh, Sanctuary Wildlfie Photographer of the year 2011, operates a small lodge, The Ranthambore Bagh, on the outskirts of the Ranthambore National Park. He is passionate about wildlife conservation and photography. Here, he shares his…

Canon Wild Clicks 5 – India’s Only Live Photography Contest

Daanish Shastri

Corbett Tiger Reserve saw several budding wildlife photographers from across the country come together for Canon Wild Clicks – 5 organised by Nature Wanderers, in association with Sanctuary Asia and Wildcraft…

Living Legends

Shivaram SubramaniamA million tiger images float around the web – uploaded to facebook or twitter by excited first time visitors, amateur naturalists, famous photographers or expert biologists. Each image tells its very own personal story – but…

Fine Young Wildlife Photographers

Daanish ShastriThis Sanctuary Cub photo feature showcases four young photographers who are going to be the torchbearers of the future of conservation and wildlife photography in India.

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