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Skin Deep – Judging Nature’s Book By Its Cover

Isaac Kehimkar

The cells that together comprise the surface of living things perform a variety of functions, all critical to survival. Quite apart from being, literally, the organ that holds invertebrates together, the integumentary system plays…

Wild Sex – The Making Of Nature

DevdasNot even the fabled inventiveness of Homo sapiens can come close to the sexual creativity of wild creatures that indulge in all manner of rituals that may include infidelity, rape, group sex and even homosexuality! What is more, wild species ‘do it’ standing up, lying…

Party Animals!

Hira PunjabiHerds, swarms, flocks, tribes... all animal societies that have been built by instinct, habit and learning. Choosing to move in social groups is a decision based on survival.

Web Masters

Orb spiderHe lifts just one leg at a time… taps gently on the silken threads and sends his vibrations to her. She’s wary and alert… he’s persistent. The tapping changes to a more gentle one as he stealthily moves closer. 

Oceans Of Life – Creatures Of The Deep

Hugues VitryThe ocean is a mystifying realm in which beauty and drama are intertwined in a never-ending cycle of life. While reaching for the moon and the stars, scientists and philosophers remind us that our knowledge of the earth and particularly the sea, is…

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