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It’s A Tiger, It’s A Leopard, It’s A Wonderful World!

Even as life forms exhibit astonishing diversity on the planet, an underlying commonality underscores the art of survival. Sanctuary presents a series of images of varied creatures mirroring their behaviour in the wild. Clearly a common thread weaves through all of nature’s…

Conservation Photography

We were all born wild animals, which is why we respond viscerally to raw nature. Our urbanised existences may have greatly diminished our opportunities to connect with nature on a daily basis, but while that instinctive relationship may have diminished, it is never lost.

Nature, By India’s Northeast

India’s incredible northeastern states are home to some of the most unique wild places and unbelievable variety of wild creatures... a lot of them endangered, even critically so! Take a look at few of Northeast’s wild denizens!

When Jayamma Spotted The Leopard

Jayamma Belliah, 35, is a Jenu Kuruba adivasi from Ananjihundi village in Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka. What follows is her photo essay about life in a forest where both humans and animals have the potential to kill and also be killed, by one another.  Over…

Wild Chhattisgarh

Rugged mountains, deep gorges, geomorphic caves, dense forests and more make Chhattisgarh an unmatchable refuge for wildlife. A universe unto itself with natural riches beyond compare – the state encompasses several Protected Areas. It is this exquisite legacy that Wild Chhattisgarh

Through The Lens: Using Photography To Tell Science Stories

A behind-the-scenes look at a first-of-its-kind workshop on science photography.

The Other Elephants Under Threat

While many rightly voice concern over the plight of African elephants that are undergoing a precipitous decline in number, Asian elephants are facing a catastrophic, yet less well documented decline of their own.


What does it take to survive, even thrive, in tough, icy mountainous terrain?

Equally tough and unique evolutionary adaptations. An unforgiving climate, hypoxia-inducing thin air, limited food and difficult terrain, par for the course in alpine ecological niches, may…

Spectacular Symbiosis!

A variety of intelligent associations exist among the millions of organisms that live on planet Earth. One such spectacular relationship is called symbiosis in which two different species form a mutually-benefitting and sometimes not-so-mutually benefitting relationship to survive. Here…

Patterned Chaos

Andaman redwood seedSimplicity piled upon simplicity creates complexity, reads a line in Matt Ridley’s book Genome. This complexity is often mistaken as chaos in wild nature, but a closer look, however, reveals repeating geometric…

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