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Wildlife Conservation And Animal Welfare Association

One hundred kilometres from Mumbai, in the green belt of Dahanu, the Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare Association works against the odds to protect sea turtles, plus an array of other wildlife, writes Anirudh Nair.

Kohka Foundation

The Kohka Foundation empowers tribal communities living in and around the Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, writes Anirudh Nair.


With a focus on vulture conservation, Arulagam works for the conservation of diverse flora and fauna in Tamil Nadu, writes Anirudh Nair.

Nova Nature Welfare Society

The Raipur-based Nova Nature Welfare Society works with the Chhattisgarh Forest Department to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife, conduct awareness workshops and study well-known and lesser-known animals and protected forests, says Anirudh Nair.

Sustaining Environment And Wildlife Assemblage (SEWA)

In and around Maharashtra’s Gondia district, an NGO called SEWA (Sustaining Environment and Wildlife Assemblage) is helping regenerate tiger habitats, and protecting Sarus Cranes, blackbuck and wolves, writes Anirudh Nair.

Srushti Paryavaran Mandal

Sampark, sahabhag, samvardhan or contact, contribute, conserve, are the three words on which the members of the Nagpur-based Srushti Paryavaran Mandal base their conservation ideology, writes Anirudh Nair.

Bat Conservation India Trust

The team from the Bengaluru-based Bat Conservation India Trust is dispelling myths and collecting crucial data on India’s neglected mammalians, writes Anirudh Nair.

Green Cross India

Started as a tree-planting initiative in 2006, Green Cross India today encompasses a wide spectrum of sustainability and conservation issues to empower our youth to forge better tomorrows, says Anirudh Nair.

National Society Of The Friends Of The Trees

The National Society of the Friends of the Trees creates awareness of the vital role that trees play in our lives. They protect, preserve and propagate plant life.

Biodiversity And Elephant Conservation Trust

Founded in 1998, the Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust strives to protect the gentle giants of the island-nation of Sri Lanka.

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