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Thoughts on the tiger, climate change, "greening education," and more from New York.

In just a little more than a month, the world will see the end of George W. Bush (one would hope that eight years into his presidency, most Americans would not chuckle at shoe-hurling Iraqis, but be humbled by their fury and pain), though not his poisonous legacy, which we'll have to work long and hard to uproot. Things are

Sunlight and Shadow

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Today, Mumbai reaches one week since terrorists committed unspeakable acts there. What must it be like to be in Mumbai, feeling the strength and fragility of the city and the people? Life is so full of contradictions and contrasts, of sunlight and shadow. F.W. Champion's The Jungle in Sunlight and Shadow sits on

Tears for Mumbai

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The Death Eaters have come to Mumbai, and broken the hearts, but not the spirits, of Mumbaikars and every person around the world who loves that city and the many beautiful ideas it embodies. I am speechless at the gross cruelty and inhumanity of which some people are capable. I am sickened when I think of the mortal danger