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Tiger wants a Meteorite

Posted by: Suhas Kumar on

Tyger Tyger turning white
with the fear of the inevitable

- the gin traps, poisoned carcasses 
- and live wires hanging from power-line,
- a bullet aimed straight to the brain
- be crushed under truck’s wheel 
- Or, tossed over by a hurtling train

Tyger tyger turning white
with the fear of the known

- his home turned into villages


A hapless young male tiger strayed away from its already depleted and deeply fragmented original habitat, which once allowed tigers of Malwa to travel far and wide in search of new home and mate, into the outskirts of a rapidly expanding Bhopal city. The tiger entered a fenced compound probably in the night, and when the

In defense of the tigers

Posted by: Suhas Kumar on

In defense of the tigers
A debate has started on tigers about which the tigers are totally unaware. The debaters belong to two schools of thoughts – there is one group that believes tigers have the same rights as a human being has – unless it is a persona non-grata or one that is drifting on the high sea. And then there is the


Nature and its creatures must make dollars for humans?How many

Wild animals we should have in India?

May be I am a little outdated for I don't subscribe to the utilitarian view of the world. I believe in a world created by a power that human mind cannot comprehend. Earth is the only planet known till now to harbour life and