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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

About the Sanctuary Wildlife PHOTOGRAPHY

Sanctuary promotes conservation photography as an article of faith. We believe that powerful, evocative images have the power to draw out supportive human responses. Photography is an art form that has helped protect wildernesses virtually from the time cameras were invented. Conservation photography is a blend of technical skills, natural history knowledge, field experience, and an innate desire to protect wild nature. At Sanctuary, we marry still images and stirring words to sensitize human hearts and minds.The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards were instituted to showcase the contributions of India's best wildlife photographers.

  • The Sanctuary Wildlife Photographer 2017

    Photographer of the Year Rs. 1,50,000/-
    Category Winners 2017 Rs. 25,000/- each
  • The Sanctuary Young Wildlife Photographer 2017

    Photographer of the Year Rs. 25,000/-
    Category Winners 2017 Rs. 5,000/- each

Judges and Prizes

All entries go through a vigorous judging process, designed to distill the very best from thousands of hopefuls.

Our panel of judges this year include Bittu Sahgal – Editor, Sanctuary Asia; Steve Winter – National Geographic conservation photographer; Ganesh H. Shanker – fine-art nature photographer, Kalyan Varma – conservation photographer and film–maker; Dr. Anish Andheria – conservation photographer and President, Wildlife Conservation Trust; Nayan Khanolkar – educationist, naturalist and wildlife photographer, Dr. Parvish Pandya – Head, Science, Natural History and Photography, Sanctuary Asia and Lakshmy Raman – Executive Editor, Sanctuary Asia.

The judges will be looking for originality, conservation value, technical quality, subject matter, aesthetics, rarity, mood and action and they reserve the right to shuffle images into their appropriate category. They would always place a premium on ethics.

Certificates will be presented to all winners and any Special Mentions, as decided by the judges whose decision will be final and not subject to further discussion.

Images shot by the Sanctuary Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 and the Sanctuary Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 will be be featured in the October 2017 issue of Sanctuary Asia magazine.

All entrants submitting images through the Sanctuary website will receive a free annual digital subscription (12 issues) to Sanctuary Asia magazine.

In case of any queries, please write to images@sanctuaryasia.com.

Theme and Categories

Images taken in the wild that best depict Sanctuary’s descriptor: ‘Call of the Wild’ and are suitable under the categories mentioned below are eligible.

  • Conservation Photography

    Images of the natural world − plant, animal, or landscapes, positive or negative − that can be interpreted/used for advocacy, action, or photojournalistic outcomes to support nature conservation.

  • Creatures Great and Small

    Original, aesthetic, impactful images of unrestrained wild species in their natural habitats.

  • Art in Nature

    Evocative, creative images that showcase nature’s designs, patterns and visual-abstractions at their artistic best.

  • Nature in Urbania

    Images that illustrate the beauty, surprising resilience and ‘obstinacy’ of wild nature that survives in urban environments dominated by humans.

Wildlife Photographer Award Entry Form

  • 1.Judging:
    Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges, appointed by Sanctuary Asia, whose decision will be final. In the event the entries do not meet the judges’ standards, the organisers reserve the right to refrain from making an award. Originality, ethics, conservation value, technical quality, subject matter, aesthetics, rarity, mood and action will be among the values placed at a premium by the judges.
  • 2.Ownership:
    The entrant must be the sole author and owner of the copyright for all photos entered. By entering the contest, the entrant certifies that the entries do not infringe on the copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights of any other person or organisation. The entrant must be able to provide a no-objection letter from concerned authorities in case required.
  • 3. Submission of images:
    A maximum of five images may be submitted by one participant. The last date for submission of all entries is midnight, August 31, 2017, Indian Standard Time. Please submit photographs preferably in digital (jpeg) format only. Scans of negatives, transparencies or photographic prints are acceptable; the photograph need not be taken with a digital camera. Please fill all the required columns before submission.
    Note: Only on special request will prints (8”x10” or larger) be accepted. For prints and digital scans, negatives may be required at a later stage. Each print must be clearly labelled with the photographer’s name and full contact details including the postal address and cell/landline numbers.
  • 4. Digital photographs:
    Submit your photographs in JPEG format through our website (www.sanctuaryasia.com) or send them to us on CDs/DVDs. Clearly mention your name, postal and email address and mobile number on the CD/DVD and cover when submitting. All image file names should be renamed as "photographer’s name_speciesname_location_original file name’. For example “ArjunSingh_Tiger_Ranthambhore_DSC 1234.jpg”. Captions (refer to point no. 5) must be added to each image’s Properties Summary (Windows) or File Info (Photoshop) or as a separate Word or RTF file.
  • 5. Captions:
    All photographs must be accompanied by detailed captions indicating clearly the equipment used, location, season, brief description of the subject and how the image was taken. Failure to provide these details could render the entry ineligible for selection. This data must be added to each image’s Properties Summary (Windows) or File Info (Photoshop) or as a separate Word or RTF file.
  • 6. Size:
    Images for submission should be 1800/240 dpi pixels (along the shortest dimension) to a maximum file size of 10 MB. Once shortlisted, entries may have to be resubmitted at 3200 pixels/300 dpi (along the shortest dimension) or higher as required by the judges.
    Note: The original capture as it was recorded by the camera with no manipulation applied may be requested at any stage of the competition and must be sent to us when requested. TIFF format files of winning images, visually similar to the original JPEG submitted, will be requested from entrants.
  • 7. Compatibility and format:
    Images must be submitted as Windows PC-compatible JPEG/JPG at highest compression quality (setting 11 or 12 in Adobe Photoshop) files. Files must be ideally full-size without borders, watermarks or signatures.
  • 8. Large files:
    Files (collectively larger than 25 MB) can be easily sent to us through the online submission (www.sanctuaryasia.com) or by CD/DVD.
  • 9. Manipulation:
    The faithful representation of a natural form, behaviour or phenomenon must be maintained. Images may be cropped (to a maximum of up to 20 per cent provided it doesn’t affect the quality of the JPEG) before submission, and limited digital manipulation such as cleaning, sharpening, adjusting levels, curves, colour and contrast is permissible when applied to the image as a whole, provided it doesn’t alter the essence of an image. Adding or removing elements is absolutely not permitted, nor is the combination of two different images (composites) allowed.
  • 10. HDR and Panorama:
    High Dynamic Range images (HDR), stitched panoramas are acceptable, under the condition that the elements in the image are not subjected to any addition or removal. The faithful representation of the natural/original moment captured through the technique of HDR and panorama is expected. The RAW versions of HDR and panorama images have to be submitted at the initial stage. Caption for these images must clearly indicate that they are HDR or panorama. Any discrepancy found in terms of manipulation of the original capture will lead to image disqualification.
  • 11. Colour space:
    Images should ideally be colour profiled/corrected using accurately calibrated monitors and utilising Adobe RGB (1998) colour space.
  • 12. Subject and photographer:
    Images may be photographed anywhere in the Asian continent. Photographer of any nationality is eligible to participate. To participate under the young photographer category, the person has to be below 21 years of age as of the date of submission.
  • 13.Camera-trap images:
    Camera-trap, remote-triggered (stationary and moving) images are eligible. Location, date and time must be mentioned. Such images if taken by a group/organisation (government/non-government) must be accompanied by an ownership letter and a certificate stating that the image was legally obtained.
  • 14. Ethics and restrictions:
    Sanctuary has zero tolerance for unethical practices that put the subjects at risk. No Great Indian Bustard (GIB) photographs shot after April 1, 2013 are eligible, since this highly endangered bird is extremely susceptible to disturbance. Also, for this reason, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has banned its photography during the breeding season. Family pets, garden flowers, domestic or hand-reared animals, those in captivity or restrained in any way and / or photographs of nesting birds will be disqualified. Please carefully read and sign the declaration that must accompany each entry. (I hereby declare that the shooting of this image adheres to the ethical standards stipulated by Sanctuary Asia in letter and spirit.)
  • 15.Duration:
    Photographs that have previously won an award in the Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards (The Call of the Wild) or any other national or international photography contest at the time of submission are not eligible. Photographs may be sent as entries to other photography contests as well.
  • 16. Return of entries:
    If prints are sent, a self-addressed stamped envelope must accompany the submission, which should be packed in a secure, waterproof envelope. Prints will be returned only after October 20, 2017.
  • 17. Liability:
    While every care will be taken of submissions, the organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.
  • 18.Copyright and use of images:
    Copyright, even over winning images, will remain with the photographer. Sanctuary Asia magazine, however, reserves the right to reproduce entries in its print and online pages with due credit to the photographer. Images may also be used elsewhere in connection with the promotion of the contest.
  • 19. The contest is open to everyone except Sanctuary employees, or those directly associated with the organisation of the contest.