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Frogs Of A Different Colour

Suggest ‘colour changes’ and one immediately thinks of a chameleon or an octopus or even fall foliage. But nature has more than one ‘trick’ up her sleeve. The above, after all, are temporary changes in response to environmental cues. Some species, however, show non-reversible (permanent) colour and pattern changes as they develop progressively from juvenile to adult. Scientists refer to this as ontogenetic…

People For Parks

Sanctuary explores the exciting possibility that Community Nature Conservancies (CNCs) could prove to be the fix that the conservation world was in search of for decades. By turning farms to forests can India create a new protected area category that offers wild species more space, communities more secure and dignified livelihoods and the nation a way out of its ecological cul de sac in an era of climate change?

River Wild

This image was shot on May 12, 2013 while trekking in Lower Dachigam National Park. Inside the protected area the Dagwan River, which originates from Himalayan glaciers above Dachigam, flows pure and clean and sustains a myriad life forms including Kashmir's famous hangul deer, Cervus elaphus hanglu, black and brown bear and leopards.

How To Steal A Forest

Sanctuary Asia has been waging a battle against elements within government, including the Ministry of Environment and Forests at the Centre, who are cold-bloodedly turning our natural heritage to private cash. 

Kaas: More Than A Flower Haven

It was a close friend, Varun Vaze, a management student by training and a keen wildlife enthusiast from Pune, who initiated our hunt when he called to ask me, “How do you search for a trapdoor spider?” He was in the Satara district at the time, hoping to explore the Kaas valley region for spiders.

That’s Incredible: Trapeze Artist

A major evolutionary trend that separated early primates from other early mammals was arboreal living. While most mammals chose to move to grassland, marine and other ecosystems, primates made trees their niche.

The Vanishing Voices Of Our Cities

Little, unforeseen experiences often change people’s lives and perspectives. In the 1990s, when I was still in school in Bangalore, we had a quaint garden surrounded by several vacant plots in a densely wooded area near our home in Mathikere.

Bangalore’s Frogs At Risk!

Several attempts are being made to popularise frogs in our cities. To this end, the ‘Bangalore’s Frogs at Risk!’ poster by Seshadri K.S., Krishna M.B. and Sunil Kumar M., 2012 is being distributed free of charge in Bangalore.

Beating The Bush

I followed Lobinso Malo on a narrow forest trail, literally running to reach our destination in time for the village puja. A young man in his twenties from the Mishmi tribe, Lobinso was my interpreter and guide.

The Agasthyamalai Landscape – Land Of Mountains, Wetlands And Biodiversity

August 2012: Atypical day would begin with a sip of tea and crunchy ‘vada’ in one of the roadside chaai kadais (tea shops), breathing fresh air and watching the sun rise on one side and mists wrapping the mighty Agasthyamalai hills on the other.

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