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IPCC Statement On Trends In Disaster Losses

January 25, 2010: IPCC Statement on Trends in Disaster Losses – The Sunday Times, U.K. Gets it wrong.  Click here to read more.

Tiger Killed, Eaten By Villagers In Arunachal Pradesh

January 25, 2010: Villagers in Arunachal Pradesh have killed and then eaten a tiger. Read the original article on the NDTV website here.

Jairam, Kamal Nath Clash Over Pench Tiger Reserve Highway

January 23, 2010: Times News Network: It was a virtually a clash between two of UPA government's high-profile ministers Kamal Nath and Jairam Ramesh in the Supreme Court over a road – whether there should be an elevated corridor of national highway through the Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh or the existing road should be widened.

(IPS), Bangkok – World Bank Aims To Earn Stripes Through Tiger Summit, Marwaan Macan-Marker

January 22, 2010: An international campaign to save the tiger is proving to be fertile ground for the World Bank to earn its stripes as an institution keen on joining the ranks of conservationists. Continue reading the original article

Note Sounding Tigers' Death Knell Withdrawn Says Bahar Dutt, CNN-IBN

January 22, 2010: The tiger got a reprieve two days after a CNN-IBN report which revealed that a proposed road project cutting through wildlife parks could endanger animals. Amicus Curiae to the Supreme court of India Harish Salve has now withdrawn his note in the Supreme Court. Read the original article

Bangalore – Tiger Count In Sanctuaries From Today

January 22, 2010: Can Karnataka still retain its tag of the ‘World Leader in Tiger Conservation’? This will soon be known as the Forest Department kickstarts its six-day countrywide tiger census. Check out the Express Buzz story here

Residents Fight For Mangroves In Mumbai

January 20, 2010: Millat Nagar in Andheri West in Mumbai was once a lush stretch of mangroves. Between 1999-2002, approximately 50,000 truckloads of debris and an upcoming golf course and villa scheme destroyed the 500 acre mangrove forest.

Himalayan Controversy

January 19, 2010: Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia on the Himalayan Controversy
The champagne bottles are being uncorked. Climate skeptics are in full cry in India, with the Himalayan glacier story criticising the IPCC report hitting the airwaves. The original IPCC report stated that the total area of Himalayan glaciers would likely shrink from 500,000 sq.…

Year of Tiger Poses Danger For Big Cats

January 19, 2010: The Chinese Year of the Tiger is shaping up as anything but a celebration for one of the world’s most magnificent animals. India is reporting an abrupt increase in the number of tigers killed by poachers who feed China’s insatiable appetite for wild tiger parts. 

Price Fixing – Why It Is Important to Put A Price On Nature

January 18, 2010: The insight that nature provides services to mankind is not a new one. In 360BC Plato remarked on the helpful role that forests play in preserving fertile soil; in their absence, he noted, the land was turned into desert, like the bones of a wasted body.