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Ivory Age Test is Key to Trade Ban

January 3, 2010 Elephant News: Police will for the first time be able to prove whether ivory on sale is illegal after a Scottish expert developed a technique to establish its age.

Train Kills 4 Elephants in Assam

January 3, 2010 Elephant News (Source: Times News Network): A train mowed down four elephants, including a pregnant jumbo, amid fog in the Karbi Anglong district, Guwahati around 1.30 am on Saturday.

Locals Sliced Flesh Off Dead Jumbos

January 3, 3009 Elephant News: By dawn, thousands of villagers had sliced away chunks of flesh off the carcasses of the four elephants mowed down by a train in the Karbi Anglong district, Guwahati early on Saturday.

Somalia at Copenhagen

December 16, 2009 Climate Change and Somalia: People from around the globe are fighting tooth and nail to solve the climate crisis but in the absence of visionary political leaders, the future appears bleak.

Kids for Tiger's Update

December 16, 2009: Kids for Tigers (KFT), Mumbai and St. Xavier's College collaborated to put up a stall at their premises on December 15, 2009. Students actively participated and were keen to know about the connection between water supply and our forests.

Fiddling While The Planet Burns

December 15, 2009 Copenhagen Update: We are uploading this detailed communication from Malini Mehra, Centre for Social Markets to give Sanctuary followers an idea of the confusing circumstances that prevail at the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

Dark Days and No Promises

December 14, 2009 Copenhagen Update: Editors in India are beginning to see the light. After ignoring climate change for years, their interest has recently been triggered by big news items created by the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. These two editorials were published in the Telegraph, Kolkata's leading newspaper.

Copenhagen Update by Kartikeya Singh

December 14, 2009 Copenhagen Update: Talks have come to a standstill here in Copenhagen on the first day of the final week.  As the clock ticks, and the voices of youth echo across the halls of the Bella Center, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the negotiations may not be able to resolve some of the key issues plaguing the planet. 

Sanctuary Kids for Tigers Candle Light Vigil

December 12, 2009 Copenhagen Update: In solidarity with the thousands of people in Copenhagen who are asking world leaders to see the light, Sanctuary Kids for Tigers, Programme, Bangalore, India, organised a Candle Light Vigil at 6.pm at the iconic Sir Puttanchetty Town Hall building. Nearly 150 students, teachers, parents, volunteers participated…

Anandi Sharan Reports From Copenhagen

December 10, 2009 Copenhagen Update: At a press conference, G77, China and Brazil reminded the world that warming of more than one degree Celsius will be the certain annihilation of Africa.

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