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A global unified citizenry

Sanctuary is joining hands with 350.org and several other like-minded institutions to organise action on October 24, 2009 to ask for a fair global climate treaty. Each of you can be part of it – through rallies, concerts, nature trails, tree-plantings, protests, slide-shows… in your town or city.

Controversial law could legalise land titles and degrade the Amazon

In a bill akin to India’s Forest Rights Act, Brazil is close to approving a controversial law that would grant land titles to 300,000 properties illegally established across some 600,000 sq. km. of protected Amazon forest.

Largest leatherback turtle population found in Gabon, West Africa

A nesting population of leatherback sea turtles in Gabon, West Africa, was identified as the largest ever in the May issue of Biological Conservation.

Tough time ahead for Cyprus' bats

Of the 41,000 species of bats worldwide, 16,000 are close to extinction. Of these, the fruit bats are having a particularly tough time, say experts.

Afghanistan gets its first National Park

In a land ravaged by the Taliban and tribal warlords, wildlife and environment protection has little meaning. The establishment of Band-e-Amir as a national park is therefore particularly poignant. A stunningly-beautiful region of turquoise lakes, it is located near the Bamyam Valley, where the 1,500-year-old Buddha statues were destroyed by the Taliban.

Where is the money?

Money released by the Ministry of Environment and Forests for anti-poaching operations in the Manas Tiger Reserve is yet to reach park officials.

Tiger parts seized in Manipur

In mid-February, a huge consignment of animal parts including two tiger skulls, two tiger paws, 16 kg. of tiger bones, 340 kg. of pangolin shell and 191 deer antlers was confiscated by the Assam Rifles’ 20 battalion in Manipur’s Chandel district.

Northern jaguar future bleak?

Most people are aware that jaguars are found in South America but few know that the northern species of this cat once ranged from the Bay area of California to the Appalachian Mountains. Unfortunately, the only wild jaguar to be captured and fitted with a radio-collar in the U.S. was recently euthanised in Phoenix, Arizona after it was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Okhla under threat

Concerned citizens have filed a petition with the Supreme Court appointed Central Empowered Committee against the construction project adjacent to the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

The translocation fad

There seems to be a new solution to tiger conservation problems in India – just reintroduce an animal from another reserve.