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New Frog Species Discovered From Goa

A new frog species, Fejervarya goemchi, has been discovered from and named after the state of Goa.

Mud On Boots Project Leader Rescues Brown Fish Owl In Assam

In another successful rescue, Manoj Gogoi, Sanctuary’s Mud On Boots Project Leader from Assam, comes to the aid of a young abandoned owlet and helps it reach full recovery.

NGO Demands Enquiry Into Elephant Deaths In Odisha

In view of the recent elephant deaths along railway lines, Wildlife Society of Odisha in a letter to the MoEFCC has demanded an immediate enquiry into the matter, in order to fix responsibility after identifying the lapses and failure on part of the railways.

Volunteers Curb Hunting During Karnataka Festival

Sanctuary’s Mud on Boots Project Leader Ashwin Gurusrikar along with his volunteers from the Vanodaya Wildlife Trust plays a crucial role in supporting the Karnataka Forest Department and curbing instances of poaching during the festival of Ugadi in Karnataka.

Seoni’s Myth Busters

Read how Seoni’s ‘Flying Squad’ has been changing attitudes of the local farming communities towards human-snake conflict in Madhya Pradesh.

Sanctuary Grant For Naga Hunter Turned Conservationist

The Sanctuary Nature Foundation is pleased to announce the release of a monetary grant worth Rs. 50,000/- from its flagship Mud on Boots Project to grassroots conservationist Alemba Yimchunger from Nagaland.

How France Exterminates Its Dolphins

From January through March an average of 6,000 dolphins are killed each year on France’s west coast by large industrial trawlers and vessels fishing in pairs (nets dragged between two trawlers). That number could be as high as 10,000 according to the Pelagis Observatory, based in La Rochelle. That’s more than the number of dolphins killed each year in the Danish Faroe Islands and The Cove in Taiji, Japan, combined.

Nearly 6,000 Pangolins In Illegal Wildlife Trade In India Since 2009

On the eve of World Pangolin Day February 16, 2018, TRAFFIC revealed that at least 5,772 pangolins were found in illegal wildlife trade in India during the period 2009–2017; close to 650 pangolins every year since 2009.

Sula – Sanctuary Support To ‘Mud On Boots’ Conservationist Ashwin Gurusrikar

With support from Sula Vineyards Pvt. Ltd., the Sanctuary Nature Foundation is pleased to announce a new Project Leader under Sanctuary’s flagship Mud on Boots Project, a programme designed to empower grassroots conservationists.

Speeding Train Kills Five Elephants In Assam

A speeding passenger train hit a herd of elephants on February 10, 2018 in the Lumding area of Hojai District in Assam, claiming five jumbo lives.