Home Conservation News Common Chiffchaff Spotted In Arunachal Pradesh

Common Chiffchaff Spotted In Arunachal Pradesh

Common Chiffchaff Spotted In Arunachal Pradesh


On 15 March 2017,  photographer Swarnendu Biswas captured an image of a Common Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus Collybita) from Hunli, a district in the Lower Dibang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh.

Photo: Swarnendu Biswas.

As per Biswas, there is no previous record of the Common Chiffchaff from this region. “I also checked the distribution list of Common Chiffchaff. However, no record of this particular bird was found from this region” said Biswas.

These solitary birds breed in open woodlands throughout northern and temperate Europe and Asia. The Common Chiffchaff has an extremely sizeable range. Therefore it does not draw near the threshold for vulnerable, as per the range size criterion of the IUCN Red List.

Named for its simple "chiff-chaff" song, the Common Chiffchaff is a non-breeding winter visitor, spotted widely through the northern parts of India. However, this is the first recorded sighting of the migratory bird in Northeast India, as confirmed by Shashank Dalvi, alumnus of Post-Graduate Programme in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, WCS-India and National Centre for Biological Sciences.

“These birds have been spotted in states like Delhi and Gujarat, but never in the Northeastern parts of India”, affirms Dalvi. Dalvi surmises the bird’s appearance to be a chance occurrence.“It is possible that the bird was migrating to its place of origin”, says Dalvi.


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