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Tragic End To T.N. Elephant Rescue

Tragic End To T.N. Elephant Rescue

An injured female elephant, marooned in the Sigurhalla river in the Singara range, Nilgiris North Division, was rescued by the Forest Department on the morning of September 3, 2017, but subsequently died of her wounds.

Photo: The Hindu.

The attempts to rescue the elephant had been underway since September 1, 2017. However, due to heavy rainfall, the river remained in a state of deluge, delaying rescue operations. As per Sanctuary’s sources, the elephant had a festering maggot-wound and had entered the river in search of respite. The Forest Department veterinarian was present on site and administered medicines to the injured elephant throughout the course of the rescue operation.

The Chief Conservator of Forest S. Ramasubramaniam supervised the rescue. With the help of an earthmover, a ramp from the river to dry ground was made. Five domestic elephants were then used to pull the injured wild elephant out of the river. The entire operation was carried out over 30 minutes.

Although the elephant was placed under immediate medical supervision, its condition worsened and it died on September 5, 2017. Mr. S.Ramasubramaniam expressed his regret, saying: “We did all that we could. The maggot infection had ravaged the elephant’s body. Its eyes too had been hollowed out by maggots. The old and exhausted elephant could not even feed itself. Our department mourns the loss of the giant’s life.”

Despite the loss of the elephant’s life, the Forest Department must be lauded for its immediate assistance and enduring efforts, as each impassioned individual worked through the downpour to provide relief to the stranded and ailing animal.

Source: The Hindu


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