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Small Wildlife Rescued Around Kaziranga

Small Wildlife Rescued Around Kaziranga

In September 2018, Sanctuary's Mud on Boots Project Leader Manoj Gogoi conducted 29 wildlife rescues in the villages around Kaziranga.

Manoj Gogoi after a successful snake rescue mission stands amongst a group of curious villagers as he sheds light on snake behavior and busts myths.

Manoj’s rescues included an injured cattle egret found lying on the road in the village of Kohra, a monitor lizard trapped inside a boys school, a Yellow-footed Green Pigeon found fallen from a tree in the village of Dumjan, a common Myna rescued from the village of Sepenakubua, and a total of 25 snakes, each of which was found inside a village home and released back into the wild.

"The increasing number of rescues is a sign of growing awareness among the villagers. I also noticed that most of the snake rescues are of venomous snakes as villagers now do not call me to rescue non venomous snakes and feel safe to coexist with them or just chase them away without harming them. This is a result of months of awareness workshops," said Manoj.

Manoj never refuses a wild animal rescue, and last month he also travelled to Guwahati to rescue a crow chick. The hatchling was found on a busy street by a college student. When various animal welfare organisations refused to take it in, he turned to Manoj. The chick has flourished under Manoj's care and will be released into the wild in November 2018.

Manoj Gogoi is an independent wildlife rehabilitator who is affiliated with The Corbett Foundation and receives support from Sanctuary under the Mud on Boots Project. The Mud on Boots Project is a booster programme that has been designed to support grassroots wildlife conservationists like Manoj. To support this work, write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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