Home Conservation News Tiger parts seized in Manipur

Tiger parts seized in Manipur

Tiger parts seized in Manipur

In mid-February, a huge consignment of animal parts including two tiger skulls, two tiger paws, 16 kg. of tiger bones, 340 kg. of pangolin shell and 191 deer antlers was confiscated by the Assam Rifles’ 20 battalion in Manipur’s Chandel district.


They also found 2.8 lakh actephide tablets. The truck carrying the illegal contraband was bound to Moreh on the Manipur-Myanmar border from where it would have been smuggled into possibly China or Thailand. Hunting for the pot is already a serious problem among the Northeast Indian tribes and the international demand for tiger skin and bone and other wildlife parts has further acerbated the poaching racket. The porous international border of northeastern Indian states with countries such as Myanmar makes this a convenient conduit zone.


In recent months, poaching incidents have increased in Protected Areas such as Kaziranga. Experts believe that illegal traders even from other states in India are using the Moreh-Myanmar and Assam-Siliguri routes.


April 2009


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