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Task Force For Project Elephant Constituted

Task Force For Project Elephant Constituted

February 18, 2010: A task force on Project Elephant has been constituted. It will provide detailed recommendations to upgrade the project to bring about a more effective conservation and management of wild as well as captive elephants in India. This will give a fresh impetus to this Project. The Task Force will submit its Report by the end of May 2010.


Terms of Reference of the Task Force are as follows:


For Wild Elephants:


*   The Committee shall recommend measures to strengthen elephant conservation in the country and keeping in view the Wildlife(Protection) Act, 1972 suggest amendments needed, if found necessary.


*   The Committee shall devise an institutional framework for Project Elephant exploring and explaining the functioning of the same at the Centre and State level with the objective of ensuring that it receives the same impetus and is brought at par with Project Tiger.


*   The Committee shall identify, catalogue and define the elephant reserves and ranges at the landscape level.  The Committee shall simultaneously develop a framework for preparing long-term perspective plans for elephant ranges.


*   The Committee shall examine issues relating to human-elephant conflict and recommend appropriate short-term and long-term solutions.


*   The Committee shall recommend appropriate methodology for the tracking, estimating and the monitoring of wild elephants.  It shall also recommend measures for specialised training of the field staff in the states if requires.


*   The Committee shall also explore any other issues that it may find relevant to its charge.


For Captive Elephants:


*   The Committee shall, keeping in view the socio-cultural and religious sentiments attached to the same, recommend future strategies/guidelines for suitable human use of elephants;


*   The Committee shall, with regard to the use of captive elephants, recommend measures, guidelines and standards for:


          *   Training and certification of Mahouts

          *   Veterinarian care and Management guidelines

          *   Creation of rescue centres

          *   Monitoring of captive elephants


The Committee shall develop general and uniform rules for the better upkeep and care of captive elephants and any matter in furtherance of the same.


Composition of the Task Force



Dr. Mahesh Rangarajan

Professor, Deptt. Of History,University of Delhi and Expert, Forestry and Wildlife history


Mr. Ajay Desai

Member, Steering Committee, Project Elephant and Co-Chairman, IUCN Specialist Group on Asian Elephant, Belgaum, Karnataka


Dr. R. Sukumar

Prof, Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISC Bangalore, Karnataka


Dr. P.S. Easa

Member, Steering Committee, Project Elephant and former Head, KFRI, Trichur, Kerala


Mr. Vivek Menon

Executive Director, WTI, New Delhi


Dr. S.Vincent

Member, Steering Committee, Project Elephant & Department of Advanced Zoology, Loyola College Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Ms. Suparna Ganguly

Trustee & Vice President, Compassion Unlimited Plus Action(CUPA) Bangalore, Karnataka


Dr. B.K. Talukdar

Secretary General, Aranyak and Member NBWL, Guwahati, Assam


Mr. Brijendra Singh

Member, NBWL and National Conservation Tiger Authority, New Delhi


Dr. Sushant Chowdhary

Scientist, WII, Dehradun


Mr. A.N. Prasad

IGF & Director, Project Elephant

Member Secretary


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