Home Conservation News Two Tigers Dead In Four Days In Kaziranga

Two Tigers Dead In Four Days In Kaziranga

Two Tigers Dead In Four Days In Kaziranga

Febuary 20, 2010: Two tigers have been killed in the Kaziranga National park within just four days, triggering panic among wildlife conservationists.


The decomposed carcass of an adult tiger was found in the Kohra forest range on Friday while the body of a sub-adult was found on an island in the Brahmaputra under the sixth addition of the park. While experts including park authorities, representatives of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), WWF-India, confirmed that it was not a poaching case, they have expressed their concern over miscreants cashing in on the increasing number of tiger casualties. 


Kaziranga director S. N. Buragohain reiterated this saying, “If poachers had been involved, how come they left behind the tiger’s carcass to decompose deep inside the park at a time when every tiger part is on demand in the international grey market?” while former Project Tiger director P. K. Sen blamed the system for tiger deaths. “Tigers are dying everywhere in the country. The entire protection mechanism to save our wildlife, including the big cats, has failed miserably. The local patrolling system is in shambles.”


Wildlife biologist with Aaranyak, M. Feroz Ahmed said, “We will see more tiger deaths unless the park area is extended and corridors are restored.”


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