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Corbett Loses Three Tigers in Five Days

Corbett Loses Three Tigers in Five Days

In just five days, three dead tigers have been found in the Corbett landscape. All of the bodies were found within a radius of about 2-3 kilometres. An official investigation is underway.

Photo:Brijendra Singh 

The bodies of the three tigers – one male, one female, and one sub-adult – have been found in the Corbett area. On May 27, 2013, a tiger was found dead in Dhela Range, Corbett Tiger Reserve. Two days later, on May 29, a second tiger was found dead in the Ampokhra Range, Terai West Division. On June 1, a third carcass was found in the same location, the Ampokhra Range, Terai West Division. Brijendra Singh, a member of the National Tiger Conservation Authority and a long-time expert on the Corbett Tiger Reserve, said on June 3, “It appears to me that the three tigers were perhaps poisoned at the same kill. The investigation is on, but to my mind, there is no doubt that the tigers were killed for revenge. As tiger numbers have increased in Corbett, the animals wander out in search of easy prey and kill cattle. They are then poisoned, sometimes for socio-economic reasons, sometimes for revenge, sometimes to discredit the Park.”

 Mr. Singh highlighted the successes of the Park’s diligent and hard-working management. These successes, he said, have led to rising tiger numbers. He also emphasized the thanklessness of the task of protecting Corbett, particularly for lower-echelon staff working, as Mr. Singh put it, “in pitiful conditions – sometimes not being paid for months.” “Nonetheless,” said Mr. Singh, “the staff is very proud of our achievements.”

Mr. Singh said that the three tiger deaths must be immediately and thoroughly investigated, and that the perpetrators must be apprehended and severely punished, both for the crimes committed, and as an example to others.  These deaths, he said, indicate that efforts must be redoubled: “… villagers need to be taken into confidence, staff vacancies need to be filled, conditions need to be improved, pay needs to be disbursed on time, and staff intelligence must be improved. Toward the goal of protecting Corbett’s tigers and wildlife, all of us, the Management and the Staff of CTR, are committed.”

For an interview of Brijendra Singh, a Sanctuary Lifetime Service Award winner, please go to: 


Author: Jennifer Scarlott, Sources: Brijendra Singh, Belinda Wright 


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