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India Through Its Birds

Anyone with even a casual interest in birds will be delighted with this new offering that pulls together the experiences of a range of naturalists and writers to present us with a compilation on birds that is at once informative and entertaining. 
Edited by Zafar Futehally, one of the founders of the modern conservation movement in India, and written in a refreshingly non-technical style, each chapter explores the birdlife in different parts of India.

The Editor’s chapter on Garden Birds will be particularly useful to the thousands of would-be birdwatchers who need to sharpen their skills close to home before wandering the wilds of India. He writes that: “I have done a great deal of birdwatching in my own garden. And it has always surprised me that a very small area, if leafy enough, will attract a large number of species even if it is surrounded by cement, steel and humanity. During the years I spent in my home in the suburbs of Bombay, the environment changed catastrophically from open country into urban slum. But our garden of one hectare remained as it always was of large native fruit trees with an understory of flowering shrubs.

It seemed something of a miracle that this garden continued to be a home – or transit camp – to so many species of birds even after all the space in the neighbourhood had been stripped of vegetation, and planted instead with grim, grey multistoreyed structures.” Dr. George Schaller’s observations on peafowl in Kanha and Peter Jackson’s “hard day’s work” on birding in Delhi made very interesting reading, as did the diverse writings of all 19 writers whose works were carefully chosen to present a fair geographical spread by the Editor.


Edited by Zafar Futehally, Published by: Dronequill Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Soft cover, Price: Rs. 395/-


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