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A Birdwatcher's Guide to India

Want to sight an Ibisbill in India? Look up the new Indian edition of the A Birdwatcher's Guide to India and read about the best birdwatching havens in the country.

The UK edition of the book was published to wide acclaim and this Indian edition is the result of much demand. With detailed information on about 80 good birdwatching sites in India, this book is a 'must-have' for both the first-time traveller and also the serious ornithologist.

The first section provides the reader with a general introduction to India. It also has some pre-tour information primarily for foreign tourists. The travel section also covers the best accommodation and conveyance options within the country with some general tips for a birding trip. It also advises the reader on reference field and travel guides, audio guides, trip reports, maps and bookshops that can be looked up. Moving on to birdwatching sites, the book has details on how to, when to and where to stay for each site. It also comments on what birds to look for and the best way to go about it. Site maps are provided for most of the important sites. The book also hosts some appendices including a selection of uncommon, endemic and endangered avian species with a brief note on each, a checklist of Indian birds and one for Indian mammals.

It also gives a list of some organisations concerned with birdwatching and conservation in India and also a select bibliography. On the whole, an excellent reference while travelling through India’s bird-rich natural habitats.
By Krys Kazmierczak and Raj Singh, Published by: Oxford University Press, Paperback; Price: Rs. 395/-

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