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Ideas for Outdoor Plants

Ideas for Outdoor Plants is an interesting booklet primarily aimed at teachers and students to inspire and foster a positive attitude towards the environment.
It offers suggestions for various activities that students can undertake in the outdoors to understand nature and the environment.
Some of the ideas suggested include observing species diversity on a tree, to measure the dimensions of a tree, to understand the water cycle, the binding power of plants, learn about pollination and to measure the impact of particulate matter deposition on plants. It also includes some plant facts, a glossary and bibliography. This booklet, printed on recycled card, has some nice ideas that can be incorporated in schools to create a better awareness of our environment, the importance of trees and forests and the need to protect them. 
By S. Karthikeyan and B.S. Prabhakar, Published by: WWF-India, 2002, Paperback; Price: Not Stated

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