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For the Forests

In her forward, palaeobotanist, Mary E. White writes, "Tasmania has the tallest forests in the southern hemisphere, some of the greatest areas of pristine temperate Gondwanan rainforest found anywhere on Earth and some of the world's oldest trees... Because Tasmania is the state with the most forest – 40 per cent of the total area – and because the quite erroneous view prevails that forests regenerate completely after clear-felling, a shameful attitude to forest conservation exists at the highest level in bureaucracies. The Island is being torn apart by the ‘woodchip-at-any-cost’ mentality."
For the Forests - A History of the Tasmanian Forest Campaigns documents the beauty of Tasmanian forests and the tragedy of industrial forestry. More than 100 activists, artists and concerned citizens write here about their battles to preserve these forests. These stories record the peaceful, direct actions that have become household words around Australia. Editor Helen Gee and designer Marie Robb spent more than three years working on this comprehensive compilation of awe-inspiring stories that reflect the successes of battles won and the struggles ahead to save the threatened Tasmanian forests.

This is a lavishly illustrated 408-page record of the work done by forest activists to save ancient groves, to create protected areas, to fight plantations and paper manufactures, to help save creeks and rivers... The book gives you an overview of the European exploitation of the land, the first modern campaigns, the birth of the modern conservation movement, the entry of the woodchipping industry and the ongoing conflicts. There are individual tales, community campaigns and strategies, newspaper articles, archival pictures and each story is an inspiration for Tasmanians and for others around the globe who are involved in battles to protect the biodiversity of our planet. For the Forests records the work of some great forest activists and is a wonderful resource that provides valuable lessons on the importance of grassroots action.
Compiled and Edited by Helen Gee, Published by: The Wilderness Society, 2001, Hardcover; Price: Not Stated

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