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The Food Revolution

Heart disease, osteoporosis, genetically modified food, mad cow disease... John Robbins writes about how what we eat influences our health in The Food Revolution.

His research into the ill effects of the modern diet dispels many of the myths associated with healthy diets. He takes on the meat and diary industry head on and with a number of examples brings home the fact that information perpetrated by industry often holds us captive and influences the choices we make.

The book takes the reader through a whole range of information on food choices, touches upon the treatment of animals and the need to protect our wildlife and environment. The chapter on the dangers of genetically modified food entering our markets is particularly informative. The book could well set the reader on the path to a much healthier diet and lifestyle.
By John Robbins, Published by: Magna Publishing Co. Ltd., Paperback; Price: Rs. 175/-

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