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Birds of Pune

Birds of Pune is a gentle introduction to the world of birdwatching. The book guides the amateur in various aspects of spotting and identifying common birds.
A detailed guide to bird identification and behaviour and to popular birding areas in the Pune region are provided in the book. The book also gives an example of a birdwatcher's diary and how notes on sightings should be kept.
There are brief descriptions of 100 common birds found in the Pune district. An article by Prakash Gole takes a look at birdwatching in the past and present. Illustrations in colour and black and white are provided as well as a checklist of over 400 birds along with a mention of their current status. A list of references and books for further reading is given at the end along with a list of birdwatching organisations in Pune.
Published by: Kalpavriksh in collaboration with Centre for Environment Education, Paperback; Contributory amount: Rs. 50/-

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