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Satpada, Our World Of Insects

October 2010: The objective of this book is to evoke interest in insects amongst students (high school and college) and amateur naturalists and help in the identification of commonly seen ones. It is also aimed at providing a glimpse into the world of  insects and to help understand why they are such a successful group.


The book is the result of work done by two biology teachers, Mrs. R. Thomas and Dr. G Iyer with their students over several years at the Rishi Valley School. The book provides details of insect life, discusses insects in culture, taxonomy and also includes a section on entomology as a pastime. Several activities  and projects on insect study have also been listed with suggestions on how to carry them out. The taxonomy section contains details for identification of insects and description of select ones. Although the book is in black and white, there are 32 colour plates (each plate with about six to eight photographs) featuring many of the commonly seen insects.


The foreword is by Prof R.Gadagkar and several entomologists of repute have helped in bringing out this book. Students of the school have contributed through photographs and the cover of the book features a painting done by one of the students. The book can be ordered from the office of the Rishi Valley School. Please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for copies.


By Rebecca Thomas and Dr. Geetha Iyer,
Published by the Rishi Valley School,
Soft Cover, 171 pages, Price: Rs. 300/-


Reviewed By Bittu Sahgal


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