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Fragments Of Natural History

December 2010: Written by a consummate naturalist with a flair for both language and substance, this ‘Guide for the Informed Layperson’ would be a very welcome addition to the library of anyone with more than a passing interest in natural history.


Though the book was written as part of the study material for students of Rishi Valley enrolled in the Home Study Course in Ornithology, it is sure to be of interest to a much wider readership. The author leans heavily on the philosophy and teachings of J. Krishnamurti and seeks to straddle the ‘known’ as represented by the Quantum Theory, for instance and the ‘unknown’, which enters the realm of spirituality and mysticism.


Though I positively lean towards the Quantum Theory, I found the book interesting, for its brave attempt to link two diametrically opposed lines of thought.



By S. Rangaswami
Published by the Rishi Valley Education Centre, Soft cover, 159 pages, Price: Rs. 150/-


Reviewed by Bittu Sahgal


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