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Monitoring Tigers and Their Prey

It is 11 p.m. and I am fiddling with the DVD case. The title, ‘Monitoring Tigers and Their Prey’ is at once interesting and disheartening. While the golden eyes on the front cover are appealing, it is the fine print that is worrying.

The Blue Planet – Seas of Life

 “In an age when it is not uncommon for ten people to stand together on the summit of Everest, it might seem that every corner of our crowded planet has been explored. But that is far from the truth. The highest peaks on earth are still unclimbed. We have little idea of where the world’s largest animal goes to breed and there are still thousands, maybe even millions, of animal species that remain…

The 11th Hour

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new film, The 11th Hour, takes the debate about global warming into a whole new orbit. The way to stop climate change, says the superstar environmentalist, is through social and political change. He speaks exclusively to Zac Goldsmith, Director, the Ecologist, U.K.

Honey Hunters of the Blue Mountains

The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in South India harbours rare wild bees and honey combs of the rock bee Apis dorsata are a common sight.

The Last Migration

The film portrays a 42-day elephant capture operation in Madhya Pradesh, India. It explores the sensitive issue of animal-human conflict, with special reference to the elephant. These pachyderms were driven out of their original homes in Bihar, owing to large-scale deforestation.

Shores of Silence

'Shores of Silence - Whale Sharks in India', a film by Mike Pandey depicts whale shark hunting off the coast of Gujarat. The film won the Panda Award, popularly called the Green Oscar, at the world's biggest wildlife and environment film festival, Wildscreen 2000, in Bristol.

The Dark I Must Not Name

'The Dark I Must Not Name' is an exploration of the city of Bhopal, 15 years after the world's worst industrial accident ravaged the city. The film is an examination of Shaan Khatau's interface with a city that lives on, even as it has been irrevocably altered by the tragedy. 

The Vanishing People

The Vanishing People: The Onges of Little Andaman, a documentary film by Sonali Dutta, explores the nature of the relationship the nomadic Onges had with their island habitat and the succession of well-meaning administrative interventions that may have sealed their fate.

The Many Faces of Madness

The Many Faces of Madness, Produced by the National Tree Growers Cooperative Federation (India), Amar Kanwar's film, 'The Many Faces of Madness' emerges from the reality of destruction and the appropriation of the commons in India.

King Cobra

Romulus Whitaker's 'King Cobra', explores the natural history of this remarkable snake through the jungles of Kerala in south India. The king cobra is the world’s largest venomous snake, reaching lengths of 18 feet. It was the first full-length film ever made on a single species of snake.

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