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Chaliyar... The Final Struggle

"All I wish is to see my river come back to life just once, see the fish leap in the sun. And see that my people don't have to die any more like I will" – Late Sri K A Rahman. In 1958, the Kerala government persuaded the Birlas to open a factory in Mavoor, North Kerala.

Chasing Butterflies

'Chasing Butterflies' is a Hindi film by Gurmeet Sapal, Husain Akbar and Pervaiz Alam. The film has been meticulously shot and provides a high degree of captivating detail on the life of a butterfly in the western Himalayas.

Whose Water?

'Whose Water? Community Rights and the State' is a 26-minute film, which explores the question of the ownership of water. It depicts a case in Rajasthan outlining a conflict, which arises when the community revives and protects water through its own efforts.


‘Aftershocks - The Rough Guide to Democracy’, a film by Rakesh Sharma, specifically deals with the issues concerned with lignite mining in Kutchh. The film has won the Le Prix de la Presse politique award for the best documentary film at the 16th Fribourg International film festival in Switzerland (March 2002) as well as other international awards.

In God's Own Country

Tourism brochures, while referring to the unique beauty of Kerala, often call it 'God's Own Country'. The film is set in a district called Kasaragod located on the border of Kerala and Karnataka. Any visitor here will be struck both by the beauty of the land and the people.


Aamakaar tells the story of the people of a village in North Kerala fighting to preserve their village and their livelihoods, threatened by sand mining on their estuary. For the last 10 years, they have been conserving Olive Ridley Turtles that come to their beach to nest. They see the preservation of a species on the verge of extinction as an extension of their fight against the destruction of their…

Why are Warangal farmers angry with Bt cotton

This film, made by women farmers of Community Media Trust, Pastapur in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh, is a powerful documentation of the traumatic season in 2002-03 that Bt cotton farmers in Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh went through.

The Fire Within

'The Fire Within', Shriprakash's latest film is an exploration of the lives of the adivasis in the Jharkhand area, devastated by the century old coal mining industry.

Colours of the Earth

In ‘Colours of the Earth’ Kavita Das Gupta gives us an insight into the life of women in Medak district in Andhra Pradesh. Deccan Development Society, a local NGO helped these women begin to till the fallows in this region.

Drowned Out

‘Drowned Out’ is a powerful documentary film charting the Indian government’s undertaking to dam the River Narmada – and its consequential humanitarian crisis. It is the story of the Jalsindhi villagers, told by Franny Armstrong, who choose to drown rather than leave their ancestral homes and the only way of life they know.

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