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Shekru...Journey of conservation stories

The shores of Tarkarli, Sindhudurga district are enticing…sea birds taking flight, dolphins flitting amongst waves, olive ridley hatchlings peeping out from the nest on shores of North Konkan mingled with gaaj… the call of the ocean.

The rich marine life here – marine trails along the seashore, creeks, confluences, estuaries, mangroves and brackish waters in the areas of Malvan, Tarkali, Bhogve, Nivti, Kille Nivti are revealed through the film.

The breathtaking beauty will surprise the audience as much as it has the locals. Local school children participated in scuba diving and have vowed to protect that nature has endowed them with. Gaaj… call of the ocean is, a reflection of a transparent dialogue between local dwellers, school children of the coast, marine biologists and torchbearers like Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, a wildlife conservation organization in Konkan. In their project on the Shekru or the giant squirrel, state animal of Maharastra, the producers have attempted to explore the rich wildlife of Maharashtra and highlight the selfless effort of local groups and individuals who ceaselessly strive to protect our environment. Shekru tries to raise support for conservation efforts.


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