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Why are Warangal farmers angry with Bt cotton

This film, made by women farmers of Community Media Trust, Pastapur in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh, is a powerful documentation of the traumatic season in 2002-03 that Bt cotton farmers in Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh went through.

Warangal district attracted attention a couple of years ago when more than 200 cotton farmers, caught in the vicious cycle of pests, pesticides and debts found no way out but to commit mass suicide. For an agro chemical industry like Mahyco-Monsanto Biotech Ltd., this was an opportunity to promote their GE technology. In Kharif 2002, they released two Bt cotton hybrids – MECH Bt 12 and MECH Bt-162 in Warangal district. The Andhra Pradesh Coalition in Defence of Diversity and the Deccan Development Society in Andhra Pradesh initiated a study called 'Did Bt cotton save farmers in Warangal district?'

The film 'Why are Warangal farmers angry with Bt Cotton?' is a part of this larger study and brings us the story of four farmers and the experiences of others like them, who planted Bt cotton on their fields and suffered severe losses. To tell this story, filmmakers from the Community Media Trust returned tenaciously to Warangal, month after month, both in cold winter and searing summer, sought out their focus farmers and cajoled them to share information and opinion to produce this absorbing film. Independently, as well as a part of its parental study, this film is a genuine representation of the experience of Bt cotton farmers.

Through its sheer authenticity, this film nails the propaganda lie of the biotech industry.

Film made by: Eedulapalle Manjula, Matoor Shakuntala, Chinna Narsamma, Ippapalle Mollamma, Zaheerabad Punyamma, Humanpur Laxmamma and Pastapur YesuProduced by: AP Coalition in Defence of Diversity and Deccan Development Society, #101, Kishan Residency, Road No. 5, Begumpet, Hyderabad 500 016, Andhra Pradesh, India. The published report 'Did Bt cotton save farmers in Warangal?' along with a CD containing a 23-minute long power film called 'Why are Warangal Farmers angry with Bt cotton' developed by the Community Media Trust of Medak District in AP are available at 10 Euro. Contact Ms. Jayasri, Joint Convenor, AP Coalition in Defence of Diversity at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Aamakaar - The Turtle People "We have to keep fighting for our existence - like a baby turtle has to keep flapping its flippers."

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