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In God's Own Country

Tourism brochures, while referring to the unique beauty of Kerala, often call it 'God's Own Country'. The film is set in a district called Kasaragod located on the border of Kerala and Karnataka. Any visitor here will be struck both by the beauty of the land and the people.

A closer look however, reveals a disturbing fact. Almost every family here is struck by serious medical afflictions. Children are born with grave disabilities and medical depression is common. The reason: thirty years of exposure to a deadly pesticide - endosulfan. For three decades, endosulfan has been sprayed aerially over the state-run cashew plantations. A year ago, the community correlated these events to these pesticide sprays. This was the beginning of an awakening and a battle to stop the pesticide sprays. Will the struggle of these innocent people simply waste away? Is there hope for a better, environmentally secure future? Will the pesticide manufacturers wake up to the devastation they cause and own up responsibility? It is questions such as these that underline the basic theme behind ‘In God’s Own Country’.

Produced by Elephant Corridor.

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