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King Cobra

Romulus Whitaker's 'King Cobra', explores the natural history of this remarkable snake through the jungles of Kerala in south India. The king cobra is the world’s largest venomous snake, reaching lengths of 18 feet. It was the first full-length film ever made on a single species of snake.

The film follows a male king cobra as he struggles to maintain his own in an ever-diminishing habitat, the rainforest, and strays into the world of humans in a tea estate. He is caught and translocated to a nearby forest, where he mates. The female king cobra is a conscientious mother, building a nest for her eggs and guarding them through the entire period of incubation. Newborn king cobras face a world of dangers as every animal larger than them is a threat. But the most serious threat is habitat loss as more and more forests are chopped down for coffee and tea plantations. The film won the 'Silver Tree' award at Vatavaran 2002.

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