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The Many Faces of Madness

The Many Faces of Madness, Produced by the National Tree Growers Cooperative Federation (India), Amar Kanwar's film, 'The Many Faces of Madness' emerges from the reality of destruction and the appropriation of the commons in India.

With its images of contemporary ecological destruction in India brings people face to face with the intensity and impact of globalisation and industrialisation, of commerce and greed, as it travels through different parts of India, revealing glimpses of traditional water harvesting systems, mining, chemical pollution, community forest protection, displacement, deforestation, biopiracy and ecosystems. Within the present context of globalisation, the film is being used by many groups and individuals across audiences in schools, colleges and by NGOs.

It is also being used by groups to confront, initiate dialogue and sensitize representatives of governments, industry and those responsible for environmental destruction.

The film has won the Golden Tree Award in the documentary category at Vatavaran 2002 and was second prize winner at the NISCORT - All India Video Festival.

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