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The Dark I Must Not Name

'The Dark I Must Not Name' is an exploration of the city of Bhopal, 15 years after the world's worst industrial accident ravaged the city. The film is an examination of Shaan Khatau's interface with a city that lives on, even as it has been irrevocably altered by the tragedy. 

Bhopal could not be understood merely through political, corporate or scientific analysis. Understanding it in terms of the fight between good and evil, the corruption of the bureaucracy or multinationals seemed partial. The film seeks 'Bhopal' in the mourning songs of women, in the ramblings of an old court jester reminiscing the past grandeur of his city, in dead babies preserved in jars in grim hospital corridors, in the children on the street playing a game of "gas gas".... The film attempts to portray the pain and daily rituals of suffering that the city continues to live with.

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