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The Day The Earth Got Stood Up

Last December, the Copenhagen Climate Summit gave the heads of state supposedly negotiating a future climate-change treaty a clear-cut choice between short-term profits for the few and the long-term survival of practically everyone and everything. As I'm sure you'll recall, they chose the former.


You, the summer ice of the Arctic, about half the species on Earth, the shorelines of quite a few places, the glaciers of Glacier National Park, the birds in the trees, the marmots on the mountains and the long-term future of just about everything were sold out for the sake of the market status quo, not by all the world's nations but by the most powerful among them.


Not all of the elected leaders failed us. President Evo Morales of Bolivia called a people's summit on climate change, which is going on right now, and the most threatened countries did a heroic job of facing up to the world's most powerful ones--tiny Tuvalu, soon to go beneath the waves, told off China, for example. Thanks to their stand and so their insubordination, Bolivia and Ecuador both lost their shot at State Department funding meant for poor countries which need to prepare for future climate-change disasters.


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