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June 2010: Butterflies of India is a website compiled by the Indian Foundation for Butterflies and provides detailed information on India’s 25,000 odd butterfly species. The site is still being developed but already has a good amount of material up as well as some stunning images.


April 2010: Within days of the first Aircel ‘Save Our Tigers’ advertisement, people who earlier wrote off conservation as a luxury were paying attention to the crisis facing India’s big cats. The tagline ‘spread the roar’ quickly found its way into the blogosphere, the tweetverse and every social network available, drawing hundreds to their website


April 2010: The website of the Biomimicry Institute, AskNature is an informative and comprehensive website aimed at “connecting innovative minds with life’s best ideas, and in the process, inspiring technologies that create conditions conducive to life.”


Founded by former Vice President of U.S.A., Al Gore, The Climate Project aims to increase public awareness of the climate crisis and consists of hundreds of volunteers throughout U.S.A, Australia, Canada, India, Spain and the U.K. This website has details of the project’s mission, activities and much more.


This excellent website provides some of the best coverage on climate change and related issues. It is a commentary site by scientists who keep political and economical influences at bay and do a great job of making cutting-edge climate science easy to understand.


This is the website of Bill McKibben’s organisation, known simply as 350.org, which is galvanising a global grassroots movement around the key scientific consensus that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere must be reduced from the current level of 387 parts per million, to 350 ppm.


This is the website of Lester Brown’s Earth Policy Institute, with in-depth information about building a sustainable future, and links to his ground-breaking book, Plan B 3.0, Mobilizing to Save Civilization.


This is a great site for anyone keen on protecting wetlands almost anywhere in the world. Although the importance of wetland conservation was highlighted in the 1960s, it was only in the 1970s that an intergovernmental treaty was embraced in Ramsar, a seaside resort on the Caspian coast of Iran.


Political expediency determines all, as readers who carefully read between the lines of the official government site of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) will discover. The site has the latest information on reports, plans, meetings and environmental clearances (This is where the expediency comes in).


The WCMC also develops capacity building and training programmes to support biodiversity information management. The site provides visitors with global data on bio-diversity and information relating to WCMC's activities in this field.

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