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This site is a godsend for lovers of the deep sea. The site represents a partnership between New Zealand-based photographer and marine biologist Peter Batson and UK-based Keane Design and focusses on deep sea and oceanic life.


Thirty years ago, the total world rhino population was around 70,000. Today, the figure stands at around 18,000. This website of ‘Save the Rhino’, a leading non-profit rhino organisation in Europe highlights their work and the need to act quickly and effectively to save the rhino.


As though inspired by the snow leopard’s graceful and stealthy movements, this website’s landing page made in Macromedia Flash is very sleek. The website gives some intriguing facts on the animal’s physical features, habitat, behaviour and breeding, preying habits, population and threats it faces.


The word ‘mangrove’ is believed to have been derived from the Portuguese word ‘mangue’ and the English word ‘grove’. The fact that mangrove-ecosystems are unique can be accorded to the fact that they are found near inter-tidal regions, which shelter many life forms. Unfortunately, little is known about them and growing industrial development and the discharge…


“Murder it’s the real thing” the message is bold and clear. And the image of cold, grey feet of a tagged dead body against Coke’s very own red and black colours symbolise the death, kidnapping and torture of hundreds of workers and union leaders at the Coca Cola plants in Columbia and South America.


British-based organisations People against Rio Tinto and Subsidiaries (Partizans), Indigenous Peoples Links (PIPlinks) and the Society of St. Columban together set up minesandcommunities.org. The organisations are committed to protecting mining-affected communities and labour affected by mining activities.


All that glitters is not gold, and that is precisely what nodirtygold.org bares, showing how the industry is responsible for generating millions of tonnes of toxic waste, making it one of the dirtiest business in the world.


This is an interesting stop for both the otter enthusiast and the initiate. Run by the International Otter Survival Foundation (IOSF), it contains news from around the world about these hairy, whisker-snouted creatures. These reports are not always present in the form of articles. Instead, they often take the form of short bulletin messages received from other otter conservationists…


Simplicity seems to be the key to this non-profit website providing information on wildlife issues in India. Edited and maintained by Nirmal Ghosh – journalist, novelist, and conservationist, a Trustee of the Corbett Foundation – the site is an up-to-date collection of reports from various sources such as newspapers (Indian and foreign) and concerned individuals.


Envirodebate: A debate about the environment and issues pertaining to it. An open forum. An interface for public dialogue. This is what the Media for Sustainable Development (MSD) arm of the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) is trying to achieve with their website. The home page takes you straight to the point with a brief glimpse of some of the issues being debated…

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