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Envirodebate: A debate about the environment and issues pertaining to it. An open forum. An interface for public dialogue. This is what the Media for Sustainable Development (MSD) arm of the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) is trying to achieve with their website. The home page takes you straight to the point with a brief glimpse of some of the issues being debated – the interlinking of rivers, Protected Areas, eco-tourism and so on.

Background information is presented along with relevant policies, seminars, publications and websites. Some discussions may require registration (for free) but the process is simple and takes only a few minutes. The result is a colourful collage of opinions and information. The only problem seems to be that many of the web pages have not been updated and some of the debates have grown cold while more contemporary issues are yet to be introduced. The website also offers other resources such as information about MSD internships and distance learning programmes and a comprehensive list of other CEE websites and publications. On the whole, a worthy effort in trying to encourage and stir public debate on environmental issues.

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