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Simplicity seems to be the key to this non-profit website providing information on wildlife issues in India. Edited and maintained by Nirmal Ghosh – journalist, novelist, and conservationist, a Trustee of the Corbett Foundation – the site is an up-to-date collection of reports from various sources such as newspapers (Indian and foreign) and concerned individuals.

Other than articles on frontline issues such as the current tiger crisis and the Tribal Bill, the site has a host of reports on more local and low-key events, which might be overlooked in the mainstream media. The site also has a searchable archive and a small ‘wildlife album’ with photographs contributed by ‘guests’ such as Sumit Sen and Ameen Ahmed. Such diversions, however, are minimal. The direct, no-nonsense attitude of the website is reflected in its basic, no-frills layout, which seems to convey news and information and little else.

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