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This is an interesting stop for both the otter enthusiast and the initiate. Run by the International Otter Survival Foundation (IOSF), it contains news from around the world about these hairy, whisker-snouted creatures. These reports are not always present in the form of articles. Instead, they often take the form of short bulletin messages received from other otter conservationists and friends of the cause.
There is also a database of information on IOSF projects and a list of interesting sites.

For newer fans of the otter, the website has a section called ‘species’, which contains detailed facts about the 13 different otter species, including the conservation threats faced by them. IOSF, based in the Isle of Skye, Scotland encourages pro-active participation in their projects. The otter sighting form on the website allows people to report the time and location of otter sightings. It offers a number of guided otter-watching holidays aimed at creating awareness and raising money for the organisation. One can even adopt any one of their rescued otters or buy something from their store.

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