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“Murder it’s the real thing” the message is bold and clear. And the image of cold, grey feet of a tagged dead body against Coke’s very own red and black colours symbolise the death, kidnapping and torture of hundreds of workers and union leaders at the Coca Cola plants in Columbia and South America.

Killer Coke’s crimes are chronologically enlisted detailing crimes against their workers. How easily money bends around and flouts the laws, how easily their safety while working is overlooked. And how easily when they stand up for their rights, they go missing. Just like that. Worse, torturing is in the management plan of their heads taught to wield them on the workers. The website provides interesting write-ups, PDF’s and neat sketches, which can be downloaded are strategically used to vilify the corporate heads. Images of protestors in each of the campaigning countries including India, where petitioners want Killer Coke to leave. Their homes. Their Water. And their people. 

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