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The word ‘mangrove’ is believed to have been derived from the Portuguese word ‘mangue’ and the English word ‘grove’. The fact that mangrove-ecosystems are unique can be accorded to the fact that they are found near inter-tidal regions, which shelter many life forms. Unfortunately, little is known about them and growing industrial development and the discharge of effluents and sewage has not spared these fragile marshlands.

This website has been recently developed by the National Institute of Oceanography and funded by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. ‘Resources’ links you to a detailed list of flora and fauna specific to this ecosystem. Scientific details of each of these have also been provided. The threats faced by them and the distribution of mangroves along India’s coastline are also mentioned. A state wise list of ‘experts’ in the field is also provided. Mangroveindia.org’s ‘literature’, includes an archived database of the various related papers that have been published.

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